Burial’s music is known for its textures and intricate details. Most off all his use of samples is an incredible thing to have at your finger tips. This is an inspiring project file that will give new insights to your own productions. It’s literally an A to Z of Burial’s Archangel.

VST used:

  • Massive from Native instruments (not necessary but sounds nice)
  • Ozone 5 6 or 7 from Izotope
  • Mastering with Waves is also available. However mastering with Ableton native tools won’t give the same warmth or width but is available
  • Ableton Live 9.6 and up

Mr Cat N Beats rendition of ‘Archangel’ sheds a flood light on a highly elusive and mysterious ‘sound’ that many producers have been trying to emulate the world over for years into a coherent and understandable science. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed by a producer who has the ability to hear a sound and replicate and explain it with such accuracy and jaw dropping clarity. You can literally throw sounds at the guy and he can breakdown how to make it and the theory behind it. Believe me this is such a luxury that is rarely found in hardly any tutorials or classroom based learning. His recap videos make it super easy to go over things you have learnt and until you have them down. If you want to get to the heart of the sound you have been trying to emulate for years or you want to fully understand as to why something sounds so good, stop here you have found the metaphorical oasis in the desert. This guy is the business!

Bucky DnB


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